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Our ultimate goal is your health! Although our country has excellent health care resources, it is not always accessible to everyone. We hope to engage and empower you to make good choices that will lead to improved health and functioning. Healthy lifestyles are the foundation to long-term health. Our approach is to inspire you to lead a healthy life so you can spend your time, talent and resources on living! We promote health by focusing on the following factors:

Person/Family-Centered – Our treatment philosophy is centered on you and your family. You are unique and we focus our efforts on understanding your individual goals, strengths, barriers and needs. Our understanding of your personal history, culture, spirituality, aspirations, risk factors, and your living situation is crucial to your health and wellness. Person-centered care is tailored to your needs.

Partnership – Our organizational mission is centered on the concept of “partnership. We want to be your partner in wellness, but you are always in control. We may present several treatment options with the potential benefits and risks and help you weigh the options, but ultimately it is your decision. It is your life and we want you to feel free to live it as you have dreamed. Our part of the partnership is to provide you with evidenced-based options for care, educate you on your options, empower you to choose and deliver the care in a competent manner.

Whole Person Focus – Health care has become very specialized and one person can have many physicians and other health care professionals delivering services at the same time. This “microscopic” focus on a symptom or acute problem can lead to fragmentation of care that doesn’t result in a healthier person. Focusing on the whole person means that we take into account that you are more than the sum of your parts or the value of your vital signs. There are physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions to you as a person. The delivery of health care services must address all of those dimensions to be effective. Our goal is to know you as a person and then treat you as a person!

Integrated Care Approach – Convenience and having a one-stop shop is important to most of us to reduce the complexity of our lives. Having many of our basic health care services in one place is an advantage. Second, having access to all of your health care records in one place increases safety, reduces cost, increases communication, and will often result in better outcomes. Third, having physicians and other health care professionals working together and having access to each other, helps keep our care focused on you. Yes, we can provide primary medical care, dental and behavioral health services in one location, but our providers talk to each other and can do “warm hand offs” to other disciplines and have “curbside consultations” to better address your needs in the moment.

Primary Care Focus – We are focused on primary health care meaning that we focus our efforts on being your medical home for basic health care services including prevention, nutrition, education and disease management. We are the place where your medical care is coordinated. Our goal is not to provide all types of specialty care like a large multi-specialty medical group, but to assist you in accessing specialty care when it is needed. In these cases, we will make an appropriate referral and follow-up to make sure that you are connected with the resource and the care is meeting your needs.

It is an honor to share in your health and wellness goals. We are here as a resource to you and hope that your health will be an asset to achieving your hopes and dreams!